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The APEX Rotor Fund Expands Capital Raise to $400.0M USD to Meet Growing Demand for Alternative Investments

RESTON, VA - The APEX Rotor Fund, an emerging leader for rotorcraft financing, has announced an increase in its capital raise to $400.0M USD in response to the rising demand for alternative investment opportunities in the mobile assets sector. This strategic move comes as investor interests are moving to increase they're stake, as investors overall seek alternatives amidst banking uncertainties over the real estate markets.

The additional capital will bolster the Finance and Lease coffers of Blade Logistics Capital, Inc., providing substantial opportunities for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the potential in rotorcraft financing.

"We are excited to expand our capital raise to meet the evolving needs of investors seeking alternative avenues for growth," said John C. Green CEO of The APEX Rotor Fund. "This increase will enable us to further support Blade Logistics Capital, Inc. and offer attractive investment options in the rotorcraft financing sector."

For more information on investment opportunities with The APEX Rotor Fund, please contact

About The APEX Rotor Fund:

The APEX Rotor Fund is a leading player in rotorcraft financing, providing innovative investment solutions specifically for the rotorcraft industry. With a focus on delivering value to investors and supporting companies like Blade Logistics Capital, Inc., The APEX Rotor Fund is committed to driving growth and success in alternative investments.

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